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Which Pirate Party is running for the European elections?

Nachstehend eine Liste der aktuellen Kandidaturen für die EU-Wahlen in 2019:

Abbr. Country Running Coalition Leader Candidate list
CAT Catalonia yes no Carlos González
CZ Czech Republic yes no Marcel Kolaja Here
FI Finland yes no Petrus PENNANEN Here
FR France yes no Florie Le Vaguerèse-Marie
DE Germany yes no Patrick Breyer Here
GR Greece yes Laiki Enotita Here
IT Italy yes no NW: Luigi Di Liberto; NE: Luigi Gubello; C: Maria Chiara Pievatolo; Meridionale: Cristina Diana Bargu; Insulare: Stefania Calcagno
LU Luxembourg yes no Starsky Flor; Marie-Paule Dondelinger; Daniel Frères; Lucie Kunakova; Chris Bernard; Christian Welter
NL Netherlands yes vandeRegio Here
SI Slovenia yes Povežimo se Urška Zgojznik Here
SE Sweden yes no Mattias Bjärnermalm Here

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