CEEP Meetings

Next CEEP Meeting 29th June

On 29th of June 2018, 20.30hrs CEST we will have our next meeting for the “Common European Elections Program (CEEP)”.

The following working groups will participate, to which each pirate and supporter is invited:

Agriculture, Maritime Affairs, Fisheries

Climate Action & Energy

Corruption and Lobbyism

Digital Affairs

Education & Culture

Foreign and defense policy

Migration and asylum policies

Social Affairs & Basic Income

Structural Funds and Cohesion Funds


The meeting is open and will be broadcasted on Mumble (mumble.piratenpartei.nrw)[1].

[1] Mumble is a voice conference software. In order to participate in mumble, a software must be installed and it microphone and speakers are necessary on the computer.

A description of the installation and where to download the software can be found here.

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