News from Markéta: CEEP – finalization

Hello, beautiful Pirates!

I put together all the drafts you sent me and prepared after our Barcelona meeting. Thank you for the hard work! 🙂

I put it into a Google doc. I’m very sorry for using it, but for this stage I couldn’t think of anything more efficient and well-known. As I understand completely if some of you don’t want to use it, I prepared also a pad version, and I will transfer your comments and edits from the pad to the Google doc, to make it as accessible as possible. You are also free to copy it to whatever platform you use, work there and then just copy your changes into the Doc. I hope this system is plausible for everyone. <3 I just kindly ask you to make any changes into the Doc using the regime “Suggestions” (upper right corner) or using comments, thank you.

To make it easier for you, I summarized, how is it looking for each program point and from which to get inspiration:

  1. Agriculture, Maritime, Fisheries: perfect 1 A4 format and a job well done. Needs check, but otherwise strive for this look 🙂
  2. Climate Action & Energy: Kerstin send me the draft “Environmental Policy” (first three paragraphs). She accepts any recommendations or help, this section still needs work. I also copied there the text from the original draft in case we want to use it and incorporate it.
  3. Digital Affairs: I only copied what was in the working pad a what was discussed in Barcelona. This part needs serious editing!
  4. Structural funds: Perfect. Just check it. 🙂
  5. Education, Culture & Research: Needs serious shortening and check.
  6. Social Affairs: Also a good example on how it can look. Needs only check.
  7. Foreign and Defense Policy and Migration: Two drafts were created here by a miscommunication, but I already contacted the two people responsible and they will hopefully agree on one. Otherwise a good job.
  8. Space program: I was contacted by a Space Policy and Global Security Researcher interested in Pirate policies and he suggested to add this section and can work on a draft based on the points i put into the text. I ask you: Do we want this new topic/point?
  9. Taxes: Not done, but the Taxes team promised me to deliver a draft in the middle of October.
  10. Transportation: Also great and finished in my eyes. Needs just a check.
  11. Corruption: Needs check, whether it is all possible on the EU level, as it is just taken from the Czech statement.
  12. Legalization: The Legalization team promised me to deliver something next week, will insert it.

Now, for the promised deadlines. I kindly ask you to follow (or let me know in case that is not possible) this schedule:

21.10.2018: Every topic will have a draft to read (who: working groups, esp. legalization, taxes, digital affairs)
31.10.2018: End of comments and edits in the Google doc (who: working groups)
15.11.2018: The texts will be consolidated into a common structure, checked and sent to parties to a final round of comments (who: me & PPEU team)
15.12.2018: End of final round of comments (working groups, party representatives)
31.12.2018: The texts will be consolidated according to that and sent to parties for an approval. (who: me & PPEU team)
31.12.2018 = Day we have a final text.
Then it’s up to each individual party, how will they approve it, as we all have different internal structures, but if it can be approved and thus promoted as our common program on 31st January at the latest, it would be awsome.

We are at a final stage and can do it! I believe in us. Let’s give it our best for the next few months. 🙂

Thank you and I wish you all a great day.


Markéta Gregorová
Head of the International Dept., PPCZ
Vice-chairperson, PPEU
Person, World

Breaking News – Next Council meeting

Hello Pirates!

On behalf of the PPEU board I hereby announce and invite you to the annual General Assembly of the European Pirate Party.

When: 1st and 2nd December 2018
Where: Reykjavík, Iceland

Remote participation will be of course secured. Please in any case register yourself (and your other delegates) via this form:

According to our Statutes, a new board shall be elected. Please deliver nominations (with specified position) on behalf of your party to the PPEU Council e-mail. Statutes make us deliver them a month prior to the meeting, so I naturally ask for that :), but as we are calling for it quite late and there is a precedent from last years, I think even later nominations will be taken into account.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to meet you all!


Markéta Gregorová
Vice-chairperson to the PPEU

Next CEEP-19 Meeting

The next meeting to discuss the “Common European Electoral Program (CEEP)” will take place on April 22th 20.00h CEST in the NRW-Mumble[1].

All interested parties and supporters are cordially invited to participate in the numerous working groups.

[1] Mumble is a voice conference software. In order to participate in mumble, a software must be installed and it microphone and speakers are necessary on the computer.

A description of the installation and where to download the software can be found here.

Go for Common European Elections Program (CEEP) 2019

On 25th of March 2018, a number of representatives of the PPEU member parties and other supporters met to deal with the “Common European Elections Program (CEEP)”. After all, over 20 people from 7 countries who start an important process.

Central points were organizational matters and the creation of working groups. Here we have progressed very well.

For the time being there are the following working groups to which every Pirate and supporter are invited:

Agriculture, Maritime Affairs, Fisheries

Climate Action & Energy

Digital Affairs

Education & Culture

Foreign and defense policy

Migration and asylum policies

Social Affairs & Basic Income

Structural Funds and Cohesion Funds

A very factual and constructive meeting which one can read here in the minutes. The recording is available here.

The next meeting will take place on 22nd April at 20.00h CEST in the NRW-Mumble [1].

[1] Mumble is a voice conference software. In order to participate in mumble, a software must be installed and it microphone and speakers are necessary on the computer.

A description of the installation and where to download the software can be found here.

Monthly Meetings for International Coordination and Activism!

Hello Pirates!

As you will recall if you were at the last PPI General Assembly back in April, there was a discussion about how we really need to meet more regularly. It’s nice to have GAs once in a while, but they’re really not useful when it comes to doing activism together. We need to have regular meetings in order to be able to plan effective campaigns, actions and events.

So…let’s make it happen! PPI would like to start bringing together international coordinators and representatives from both members and non-member parties, as well as individuals interested in Pirate Activism, at least once per month. What we do is completely up to you. There are a few things we have in mind, such as international support for Pirate Parties during election time—several countries have elections in the coming months, such as Germany and Norway, to name a couple. There’s also unified global actions and campaigns around specific issues of our choosing, like mass surveillance or net neutrality. These meetings will also be good opportunities to give regular reports on what Pirates are up to in various countries, including strategy discussions and in general, helping and learning from each other.

The possibilities are endless, and where we go will depend entirely on where YOU want to steer the ship.

These meetings will be separate from PPI board meetings and general assemblies, less formal, and allow for plenty of creative freedom. We are not meeting to discuss the wording of statute #9001 or to discuss statutes at all, for that matter…we are meeting to have fun, to learn from each other, and to make interesting, important things happen. We are meeting to build unity in our movement, in a time where unity is more desperately needed than ever.

We will start by meeting on Mumble, and if we find a better tool in the future we can always switch if we want to. Timezones make international meetings tricky to schedule, so it may be a good idea to rotate between a few different meeting times…but for now, we would like to ask you for feedback on when to hold this very first meeting, during which we will collectively establish our procedures going forward.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday August 27th at 16:00 CEST

Mumble-Server [1] Piratenpartei NRW

We very much look forward to working with you and seeing this come together.

PPI Board 2016-2017

Bailey Lamon

Vice Chairwoman: Pirate Parties International

President: Pirate Party of Canada

[1] Mumble is a language conference software. In order to participate in Mumble, a software must be installed and the microphone and loudspeaker on the computer are necessary.

[1] Mumble ist eine Sprachkonferenzsoftware. Um bei Mumble teilzunehmen, muss eine Software installiert werden und es sind Mikrofon und Lautsprecher am Computer notwendig.

Eine Beschreibung zur Installation und wo man die Software herunterladen kann, findet man hier.


Hier informieren wir demnächst über die Diskussionsrunden insbesondere der Europäischen Piraten und Piratenparteien zu aktuellen Themen der internationalen Politik.

We will soon provide information on current topics of international policy in the discussions, in particular, of the European Pirates and Pirate Parties.

Proximamente informaremos agui de encuentros con el fin de debatir la actual politica interacional y europea.

El incio lo estan haciendo piratas y partidos piratas de europa pero estais todos invitados.